about me

learn all about the man, the myth, the legend: axel axelcentral

hello !! my name is axel (if you didn't catch that) and i made a website to mess around and learn css and stuff and because i wanted to make one and i finally had time (this site is also co-run by finny, hence "finny corner", but he gets his own about page when he's active)

my biggest personality trait at this stage is music. i play piano and performance recorder at grade levels but i also like to mess around and have a good time on whatever i can get my hands on (particularly fond of pennywhistle). some of my favourite artists are:

  • david bowie
  • adam and the ants
  • elton john
  • astrophysics (on bandcamp)
  • the smiths
  • the cure
  • the london symphony orchestra (mostly for their orchestral versions of songs)
  • the royal philharmonic orchestra (again for their orchestral versions of songs)
  • france gall
  • darren criss (biggest flex is that i have 3 of his CDs - human EP, avdc, & for a night like this - of which the latter 2 are signed)
  • britney spears
  • madonna

(so not really any cohesive genre really lol)

i should probably redo this page actually but find out more of my interests on here and see more about my CDs and music here !!